Tips for Finding Just the Right Wig Hair Color

Finding just the right look is all about choosing wigs that fit you perfectly. Not only do the wigs that you choose to wear need to fit properly, but they also need to match your skin tone. Not everyone can pull off every color under the sun, but it is possible to find just the right wig hair color that brings out your natural beauty and highlights your natural skin tone in the most appealing way. It isn’t as difficult as you might think to find colors that work for you. Just because a color might look good to the eye does not mean that it is the right wig color for you.

Flattering Hues

Determining what the most flattering shades on you will be is fairly easy. It all comes down to the color of your skin tone, eyes and hair. The natural colors of your body play a big role in determining what colors you can wear and look most fashionable in. This means that certain people will look better in red, brown or blonde wigs than others. You just need to know what is the right shade for your wig.

Warm or Cool Colors

The first thing that you need to understand colors is the difference between warm and cool. Warm or cool normally is in reference to your skin tone. This means that you need to determine your coloring before you can choose the colors that will work best for you. Warm complexions typically include olive, beige or skin tones that are more tan in color. The types of colors that look best against warm skin tones include red, orange, peach, brown, olive green and gold. These are the colors that allow the natural beauty of warm skin tones to shine through. The types of colors that look best against cool skin tones include neutral,violet, and blue. These are the colors that allow the natural beauty of cool skin tones to shine through.

Red Colored

Red is a more daring and bold color, but it is also a color that almost any woman can pull off. Even if you have light eyes or dark hair, you can look drop dead gorgeous in a red wig. Red is a color that should be a wig that you have on hand when you want to make a statement.

Wigs for Everyone

The Take Away

There are some colors that are more flattering than other based on the tone of your skin, but there are also a few shades that can look great on everyone. If you want to look your best, blonde or brown wigs are must haves. Finding just the right wig is not always easy, but these are some tips that are designed to make the process of finding the right wig color so much simpler for you.